Summer in Minnesota can be delightful, with beautiful scenery, many outdoor activities and generally great weather. But as night follows day, winter usually comes upon us quickly and with little ceremony. Soon enough we’ll be driving past festive Christmas decorations in snow-covered neighborhoods, shoveling our vehicles out of their parking spots, and slipping along icy roads during our daily commutes. Winter is a welcomed season for skiers, snowmobilers and other aficionados of such outdoor activities, but perhaps less enjoyable for those of us who need to dig ourselves out of our driveways before we can get to work.

If you live here, snow, ice, blizzards and freezing temperatures are part of life. Among the winter essentials such as your parka and mittens, the snow blower is also a part of surviving Minnesota winters. From the big city business districts to residential areas to rural townships with mile-long driveways, the snow blower is an essential asset in our ongoing quest to stay ahead of the snow. While shoveling by hand might be part of some folks’ workout routine, most people do not have either the time or the desire to conduct their exercise in this fashion.

How can Metro Pawn & Gun help?

Metro Pawn & Gun is a great place to visit if you don’t already have a snow blower, if you need to upgrade the one you have, or if you need some cash for a unit you no longer need. Our selection of winter tools generally becomes more robust at this time of the year, as would be expected. So if you’ve moved into a townhome or HOA that takes care of snow removal, bring us your old snow blower. Have you concluded that the one you have isn’t really adequate for our Minnesota blizzards? Then bring it in and go home with a newer, bigger model! Or if you’re one of those people that works out with the hand shovel, move your workout indoors and get a snow blower for the frozen, buried driveway.

So if you are in the market, be sure to check out what we offer. You can get a quality snow blower for a much better price than you would pay at a retail outlet. We always verify the quality and condition of anything we take into out shop, so when you make a purchase, you will know that the item will be operational and serve you for years to come.

If you wish to buy, sell or pawn any type of snow blower, visit us at
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