Happy New Year to all! Hopefully 2021 will be a good year for everyone. This last year brought us its share of drama, including a pandemic, lockdowns, civil unrest, economic hardships and consumer product shortages to name a few. Many aspects of normal life simply got “cancelled”. Zoom meetings have replaced traditional gatherings, academics are conducted remotely, stores have more traffic signage than our highways, and now we only get to see people’s eyes out in public. Remember the mad run on toilet paper, or unscrupulous folks price-gouging on hand sanitizer? Still waiting for a second round of stimulus checks, only 8 months after the first payments? And most of us still can’t find ammunition today… It has to get better, right? We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to say goodbye to 2020 and a hopeful hello to 2021!

Despite these setbacks, Metro Pawn & Gun has still been able to provide goods and services to our many customers. We are committed to making the best of the situation we all find ourselves in and thank you for your continued support. During these difficult times, we provide our community with great value for money spent, and also facilitate quick access to cash that might otherwise not be available. While politicians endlessly debate stimulus measures that never seem to happen, you can walk into Metro Pawn & Gun with something of value and walk out with the cash that you need!

Why should you visit Metro Pawn & Gun in 2021?

Metro Pawn & Gun is an excellent place to buy and sell nearly every type of merchandise in our area. With a fantastic inventory of new and used products, you will have many choices and great prices as well. Come see us if you want to buy firearms, home theater equipment, car audio, coins, jewelry, precious metals, tools, and so much more. And if you want to sell any of these, bring them to us and we will make a fair cash offer. We also offer loans on many items, so if you’re in a financial pinch, we can definitely help! As a Pawn Broker, we enjoy a unique position in which we can really make a difference for people who need a financial break – either incoming or outgoing. Come see us today!

As always, check our site for the most current information regarding operational changes or COVID-related mandates.

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