Personal Electronics is a category that has always been very popular at Metro Pawn & Gun. We remember the days of the CD Walkman in the late 90s, and the iPod which took the portable electronics world by storm 17 years ago.

We’ve been around long enough to deal with the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES, Nintendo 64 and various iterations of the Game Boy.

‘Portable computers’ that bore little resemblance to the laptops and tablets of today weighed about as much as a chainsaw, and were considered groundbreaking. Home computers boasted having 400 megabyte hard drives and 28.8k modems – yes – modems! It’s one of those things you can ask the younger generation about to get a chuckle, along with ‘what are cassettes and corded telephones?’

Then and Now

In any case, we’ve come a long way. Today, your phone can store more music than a pallet full of iPods. A computer with a 500 gigabyte hard drive is low end; with ‘terabyte’ being the operative word in most computing conversations. Even CDs and DVDs are becoming somewhat ‘past tense’ as we have embraced a digital, streaming design for our lives. And game consoles like the Xbox One X push the boundaries of entertainment to levels never seen before.

Metro Pawn & Gun has been along for this ride since 1994, and we are going stronger than ever today. One of the reasons for the thriving personal electronics market is that everyone always wants the latest and greatest gadgets, and those gadgets are coming at us faster than we can often keep pace. Something new and improved is always just around the corner, and how could you possibly be satisfied with last year’s game system, phone or PC? Well, many of us are perfectly happy to save a good deal of money and still own technology that makes the computers that landed us on the Moon seem like toys.

So whether you are gripped by the inevitable need to upgrade, are looking for something that meets your needs without breaking the bank, or need to turn a device that you no longer need into cash – Metro Pawn & Gun is the first place you should visit. We buy, pawn and sell every conceivable type of personal electronics hardware, and you might even find that pristine original NES system for your collection of nostalgia. Give us a call or stop by today to see what’s new!

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