In May of this year, firearm sales surged nationwide, with an estimated 1.7 million guns sold in just one month, an increase of 80% as compared to May of last year! And being only a week into June, gun sales continue to increase with even greater velocity.


As Americans watched the COVID-19 pandemic unfold across the country, unprecedented measures were taken by the government to “lower the curve”, resulting in widespread lockdowns, business closures, restrictions on public gatherings, and various social distancing protocols. While the intent to mitigate this crisis was genuine, the affair began to manifest a certain measure of discord as time went on. Some began to question the vigor of unilateral restrictions, others the methodology for compiling COVID-related statistics – up to and including skepticism regarding the legitimacy of the entire narrative. Albeit not our place to don tinfoil hats and deliberate the more contentious attributes of the operation, we can all agree that the event as a whole placed the country under immense financial and personal strain.

Crisis 2.0

Then one day, it seems as though all COVID fears, precautions and procedures were tossed out the window. Suddenly the nation was thrown into turmoil with mass protests, rioting, looting and other assorted mayhem. Did the pandemic abruptly pack up and leave town? The dichotomy of instructions to stay 6 feet apart at your grocery store vs. thousands of people gathered shoulder to shoulder in public took on an absurdity all its own. What began as a rightful desire for people to express their concerns quickly degenerated into textbook anarchy, and most recently evolved into ludicrous calls for the abolition of law enforcement as a whole. Our world has suddenly become a more dangerous place than ever.

Crisis yet to come

Will the virus have a resurgence resulting from the sudden lack of regard for the mitigation efforts that we have all implemented so diligently over the past few months? If it does, how will that be dealt with considering the economic and social damage that has already occurred from the first bout?  Where will the social unrest and lawlessness take us as a country? Will American citizens be left defenseless against criminals, and if so, how will they protect themselves, their families and their livelihoods? This future is not yet written, but the 2nd Amendment insures that whatever is written will reflect the principles our country is built on.

So why the surge in gun sales? Because that is our right. And furthermore, because that right ensures that every other right we have shall endure.

Metro Pawn & Gun is proud to offer our clients a full and robust selection of firearms. From handguns to shotguns to rifles, big and small, new and used – please visit us to enhance your security and the safety of your family in these ominous times. As of 5/11/2020, Metro Pawn & Gun has resumed business operations with abbreviated hours and as always.

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