Uncertainty has truly become the new normal. When the COVID crisis took hold in the US, the first order of business was to stop the spread. Various mitigation efforts ensued, and terms such as ‘social distancing’ became household words. The shutdown of non-essential businesses and public venues followed, and altered policies for those that remained running in some capacity were implemented.

As the nation struggled to find balance between the economic fallout of these actions and a resolution to the spread of the virus, a gradual and measured ‘reopening’ of America was recently announced.

The Catch-22

Keeping businesses and people on lockdown might be beneficial in snuffing out the spread of the virus, but the economic damage would continue to mount in what is already a precarious situation. Opening everything up could relieve the personal and economic stress on society, but could also facilitate a resurgence of the virus. This is both a delicate and capricious predicament that we find ourselves in.

The New Normal

Common sense dictates that we approach these developments with caution. It would be foolish to think that this ‘reopening’ means everything is back to the way it once was, and that we are out of the danger zone. Admittedly, we all yearn for the day when we can attend sporting events, hang out at our neighborhood bar & grill, or enjoy a shopping trip to the mall without hesitation. But we are not there yet. While the government and individual states decree dates for the beginnings and ends of quarantines as well as what is essential or not, we the people need to remain vigilant and above all, smart!

As of 5/11/2020, Metro Pawn & Gun has resumed business operations with abbreviated hours and limitations on the number of guests in our store at any given time. We endorse the continuation of safe practices, such as wearing face masks, sanitizing hands and surfaces that are touched by people, and the ‘social distancing’ we’ve come to know all too well.

Just because the Stay at Home order was lifted does not mean we should all party like it’s 1999!  We’re not out of the woods yet, and the future of this narrative is yet to be written. Ultimately, it is our actions that will have the greatest impact on how this story concludes.

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