People living in Minnesota are generally used to winter. We are used to snow and ice and bitter cold temperatures. We can drive in blizzards and still get to work on time. We love our snow mobiles and other winter sports, and the weather doesn’t usually crimp our style. We bundle up and carry on.


But this particular winter has been a bit more ruthless than many others in memory. It began with a rather mild entrance – the ground was white for Christmas but few took notice. Then came the full wrath of Mother Nature. With snow accumulations of over 70 inches thus far, there appears to be no end in sight. Schools and businesses and public transport have ground to a halt time and time again. Simply getting out of your driveway has become a challenge, no to mention getting anywhere once you’ve done that. You know it’s bad when the plows are sent back to their bases! And the snow just keeps coming.


If you’ve ever tried to clear a long driveway of several feet of snow with a hand shovel, you understand the folly of this endeavor. And should you actually accomplish this herculean task, you might be in for a surprise as the city plow comes by and dumps another few feet right at the end of that driveway. But the surprises don’t end there – you tune in to the weather channel only to hear of another impending snow storm set to arrive within a few days.


But modern technology can help us weather this onslaught. Just as warm coats, boots and gloves are essential parts of our seasonal inventory, a good snow blower is a ‘must-have’ item in Minnesota. It can make the task of excavating your driveway quite a bit more palatable, and your back will thank you as well. You can even lend a hand to a neighbor in need that might not be properly equipped. This extreme weather can be especially difficult for older people, so a small investment can go a long way.


Metro Pawn & Gun is a great place for snow blowers. Many people visit us to buy, sell and even pawn these, and if there was ever a time to check out what we offer, it is now!

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