As of March 20th, Spring has officially started. Although it’s not quite time for swim trunks and water slides, it’s fair to hope that winter is behind us! Everyone is feeling that urge to get out of the house! After being snow and ice-bound for months thanks to our Minnesota weather, it’s time to feel warmth and sunshine and put away our snow shovels. With the new season come various activities that we can enjoy without being bundled up in a winter parka. Gardening, biking, fishing, golfing, working on outdoor projects, heading out to the range, boating or perhaps just taking a drive through the countryside with your windows open and the tunes rocking! Whatever the calling, we are just as excited about being done with winter as you are!

Springtime brings outdoor enjoyment!
If a fun day at the range with family and friends is something you’ve been looking forward to, we have a tremendous selection of firearms from .22 caliber plinkers to serious competition platforms. Maybe it’s time to do some spring remodeling, or continue working on that hobby car you’ve been building. With tools of every imaginable kind filling our shelves, you won’t have to go far to find just what you need. This is often a great time to upgrade your car audio systems, or add on to what you may already have. Decks, amps, equalizers, crossovers, speakers and subwoofers are waiting to see some action in your ride, or possibly in your boat. Heck, even mowing the lawn is a welcomed activity after snow-blowing, shoveling and scraping car windows all winter long. We have outdoor tools of various types as well.  

Why Metro Pawn & Gun?
Because one of the greatest things about our shop is that our inventory is always changing. Our primary categories like jewelry, firearms, coins, tools and others are always brimming with great deals and amazing selection. But ‘run-of-the-mill’ is not in our vocabulary! You will sometimes find that extraordinary, one-of-a-kind item that we’ve never had before, and are not likely to have again. We do not have a nameless warehouse that simply replenishes fixed stock as it sells down. Our clients stock our shelves, and that is what makes visiting us fun and rewarding!

Metro Pawn & Gun invites you to stop by our shop and have a look around. If you have things that you no longer want or need, bring them by and you might end up with some extra cash in your pocket. And we’re fairly confident you might find something to spend that on as well!

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