Trapshooting is a sport of movement, action and split-second timing. It requires accuracy and skill to repeatedly aim, fire and break the 4.25 inch orange discs which are propelled through the air at high speed. Each time a disc is launched it flies at a different angle and trajectory, with mere seconds for a shot to be taken before it is out of range or hits the ground.

Trapshooting is a rapidly growing hobby in schools across the nation, and is quite popular among adult competitors and professionals as well. It fosters teamwork, safety and responsibility. Unlike shooting a static target at the range, hitting a moving objective that never presents itself the same way twice calls for extraordinary focus and discipline.


The most common firearms used in trapshooting are 12 and 20 gauge shotguns. Break-action shotguns are the most popular, but pump action and semi-auto shotguns may be used as well. However, when using a semi-automatic, a shell deflector of some type will need to be installed. Team members usually stand in a line and take their turns shooting, so ejecting spent casings onto the nearest person is generally not allowed. For those that do not wish to attach a shell deflector, a simple DIY solution consists of placing an elastic or rubber hair band around the receiver and over the ejection port. The spent round is stopped from flying out of the action and can be manually removed by hand.

Additional hardware you may need: 

  • Choke tubes for your shotgun (a ‘modified’ choke is often used for trap, but this may vary by team or shooter)
  • Ammo pouch (usually worn on the waist)
  • Range bag (conveniently transport all your trap supplies)
  • Shotgun case (protect your investment)
  • Eye and ear protection (required)

Why Metro Pawn & Gun?

Our selection of shotguns is sure to accommodate anyone in the sport of trapshooting. At Metro Pawn & Gun, we stock youth models and standard models, various gauges, and all the available types of action. We also pay top dollar for any used firearms in good condition. As younger participants upgrade their firearms to heavier gauges or larger models over time, these used shotguns present an opportunity for someone who may just be starting out with the hobby.

Contact us or stop in to see what we have available for anyone that is in, or is interested in, trapshooting!

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