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Minneapolis and St Paul are alive and full of fun. The long winter is becoming a quick fleeting memory as the roads are full of convertible cars, people riding bicycles, and many people are enjoying the lakes and rivers.


Car stereo systems are greatly enjoyed during the summer months. Many people now have time time and desire to take their car out for a leisurely drive along the Mississippi river. Windows down, roof back if possible, tunes turned up, and big smiles for everyone. Summer time is when you get to enjoy the music in your car.

People in Minneapolis and St Paul often look to swap car audio equipment in the summer. Some people add a subwoofer to the trunk and enjoy rich bass that the stock stereo system lacked. Other people look to expand their car audio system with better sounding speakers. Some people look to update their CD player and get a player that connects to their smart phone or iPad. There are also some people who look to downgrade a high performing car stereo system to a modest system that sounds great, yet frees up the trunk from a subwoofer.

Upgrading a factory CD Player

Many people want to use their smart phone to stream music in the car. Many factory stereo systems and older aftermarket systems do not wirelessly connect to cell phones or allow for a charging connection cable. Nearly all of the new CD players will connect to your iPhone, Droid, Samsung or other smart phone and allow you to stream music. You might be able to stream Spotify Premium, Pandora, iHeartRadio, iTunes, and many other music services. You can have all of the music in the world at your fingertips, and listen to the music you want as your driving down the Mississippi River or down to your favorite lake. 


New cd players, or more appropriately, new media centers will allow you to take advantage of the progress in mobile technology. You can take advantage of the new car audio capabilities and sell us your current car audio equipment!

Amplifiers - excellent values every day 


Car stereo amplifiers are made to power speakers and subwoofers. Some amplifiers are built to extremely high standards and will reproduce audiophile clarity. Other amplifiers are made to provide the consumer with value and free up space in the car. We routinely have amplifiers that power speakers and amplifiers to power the most demanding of subwoofers. You can always stop in and take a look at our current inventory of car audio amplifiers. Our selection offers great deals on quality previously-owned amplifiers. We will buy your current amplifier and help you move into a newer more efficient amplifier.

Subwoofers add fun to car audio

Subwoofers receive much of the attention in car audio systems. Adding a simple subwoofer will greatly improve the whole car stereo experience. Some subs are powerful and can handle thousands of watts. These subs can make everything in the car vibrate and hit powerful and deep notes. Other subwoofers are modest and take up a small amount of space, while providing enough bass to increase the musical quality of the car stereo system. We have different types of car subwoofers on display in our Richfield location. Richfield is a hub for car audio and a suburb of Minneapolis. 

More than just car audio


Metro Pawn and Gun is a full service pawn shop with a nice car audio selection.You will find car subwoofers, car amplifiers, car cd players, and other car stereo items in display. You will also find home audio, home electronics, tv's, jewelry, and firearms on hand. Metro Pawn and Gun is a Sig Sauer dealer in the Minneapolis MN area.

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