Glock is a name synonymous with quality firearms especially when it comes to hand guns. Some people only trust Glock as the defense weapon to save their lives and to protect their family. Other people call Glocks Tupperware-guns and discredit the construction methods and design.

Glocks was established in 1963 by Gaston Glock as a plastic and steel part producing company. Glock then expanded business in the 1970’s to develop military products including field knives, training hand grenades and machine gun belt links.

1980 was when Glock received a formal invitation to develop a new service sidearm by the Austrian Army.  The revolutionary new semi-automatic GLOCK pistol was developed in 1981. The new pistol used a polymer receiver and pioneered the “Safe Action” system. Glock also started production on a field knife with a saw.

1982 is when Glock completed the battery of comprehensive and crucial testing in an international competition.

1983 is when Glock received the first order of 30,000 Glock Model 17 G17 pistols chambered in 9x19 9mm rounds for the Austrian Army. This order would cause a paradigm shift in the pistol industry and in the construction methods of Pistols. The acceptance of the G17 model also proved the amazingly durable design that Glock had designed.

1984 Glock G17 was the standard issue sidearm of the Norwegian Army. The following years saw Glock accepted as the standard firearm for other armies and police agencies all around the world.

Demand for Glock has grown to an almost fevered pace. 2007 is when the 5,000,000th Glock was sold. American consumers have a very high demand for Glock pistols.

Glock pistols are available in a few sizes, ranging from the slimline G36, Subcompact models with 9mm G26 being the most popular, Compact designs in 9mm, .40 and .45 with the 9x19 model G19 being the most popular, the standard full sized models with the original G17 being the most popular pistol, and competition sizes for shooting enthusiasts wishing for a competitive advantage during shooting competitions and tournaments.

Metro Pawn sees Minneapolis and St Paul consumers having a preference for the Glock 19 pistol. The G19 is a size that most people can easily use, the recoil is mild, and the reliability of the pistol is second to none. 9mm is the most common pistol caliber as it is easy to acquire, range rounds are relatively inexpensive, defense rounds are very capable, and the 9x19 is a Nato standard round.

Glock has gone through different generations and the current pistols are in the fourth generation. Gen4 Glock pistols feature a highly coveted texture pattern that allow for pistol grip when dry, icy and wet. This texture also performs amazingly well when covered by blood, and this is a critical necessity for your defensive or carry firearm.

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Glocks have ensured insane trials for reliability and durability. Glocks have been used in combat, run over by heavy machinery, survives house fires, perform in subzero temperatures, and also last through generations of daily use. Glock is commonly referred to as the “AK47 of Pistols” as Glocks just keep on functioning no matter the abuse.

Perhaps the ultimate Glock Torture test was conducted by FPS Russia in his YouTube Video

Glocks have been said to be the best pistols on the market due to the revolutionary design and supreme durability. You will not often hear Glocks being called the most beautiful pistols. The boxy looks and pure utility design were aimed at performance and not asthenic looks.

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