Are you looking for a new hunting rifle, or do you want to add another pistol to your collection? Drive past the local gun shop and skip the big-city gun show. Find the best prices on firearms at your local pawn shop. But, while you can find a one-of-a-kind deal at a pawn shop, it is just as easy to take home a gun with a problem. Save yourself the money and frustration by keeping these used gun buying tips in mind.


Four Tips For Buying a Used Gun:



  • Know the seller. Never walk into any shop where you doubt the seller's honesty or reputation. These are especially true when you are purchasing used firearms. If you have never had any business with a particular pawn shop before, a few minutes of research on a store beforehand can save you a lot of grief later.

  • Do your homework. Look online for information about the gun you want to purchase. Learn what the factory-direct gun looks like, so you can easily identify any modifications or missing accessories before buying the firearm. Once you find out the average online price for a gun, you have a better idea about how much you should pay. People who already know which model they want can save time by calling the pawn shop in advance to ask if it is in stock. Remember you can research at the store by using your smartphone to go online.

  • Examine the firearm. Ask the seller if you can handle the firearm. Look for heavy wear around the muzzle and inspect the sights, bolt and slide release to make sure there is no damage. Minor nicks or scratches should not affect the proper operation of the firearm, but you can ask for a discount on the gun's price. Get permission to dry fire the gun. Look for smooth action and a decent trigger pull weight. Make sure nothing seems loose by softly shaking the gun.

  • Close the deal. If it seems the firearm is in working order, find out as much as you can about its history. In most cases, the store clerk won't know much, but it is worth asking. Find out the store's return policy. When you are confident you want to buy the gun, make an offer for the firearm based on the store's asking price and the value of the gun you found online.



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