For many people, firearms have been a hobby and a passion for years. From collectors to enthusiasts to sportsmen, these folks know their guns and are versed in some capacity on the many associated areas of interest. But every day, someone becomes curious or fascinated about firearms for the first time. Every day, someone goes to a gun shop for the first time, or shoots their first round at a range. As with any pursuit, there is much to learn and many considerations to be made, so a few helpful tips seem to be in order.

 Among the first things to establish is where your specific interest lies. Do you intend to hunt? Would you like to carry a firearm with you for protection? Does sport shooting seem like it would be fun? Are you drawn to the appeal of simply owning a gun? Whatever the reason, there is a right place to start – and that is responsible, law-abiding and safe gun ownership.

 Depending on what you intend to purchase, you may need to acquire proper licensing in the form of a Permit to Purchase or Permit to Carry. Although a comprehensive program is required to legally carry a firearm (, taking a general firearm safety course is always a good idea if you intend to own a firearm.

 Selecting the right firearm will depend in large part on its intended application. A shotgun or bolt-action rifle may be on the list if you expect to hunt, whereas a compact handgun would be in order if you wish to conceal and carry. Sport shooting pretty much encompasses the entire gamut of available firearms, ranging from .22 caliber ‘plinkers’ to competition-grade weapons that might involve a second mortgage. Falling into the genre of a ‘collector’ involves buying the guns that strike your fancy, regardless of their application. Perhaps a Dirty Harry .44 Magnum, the iconic 30-30 Lever-Action carbine or historic WWII Mausers would satisfy the urge – for the time being. Collectors will vouch for one thing – guns are like potato chips – you can’t just have one…

 Metro Pawn & Gun has something for everyone. Our inventories change daily and our staff can help you choose the firearm that is right for you. We pawn or purchase your guns as well, making us the destination of choice for anything related to shooting. The 2nd Amendment provides us with our right to own firearms, and Metro Pawn & Gun makes the process enjoyable!

 Now that you’ve graduated from the basics, the next question is – AK vs AR? Stay tuned…

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