When you think of a pawn shop, you may not immediately think of musical instruments, but we’re here to change that!  Among the vast array of items we pawn, buy and sell, musical instruments are a frequent favorite.

New instruments can be very expensive. Students joining their school band are sometimes unable to play their instrument of choice due to the cost, or if the school does not have one it can provide. We also see students that either change to a different instrument or do not continue with music after graduating, thus providing some great choices in the used instrument market for others to benefit from.

We’ve all heard of the stereotypical ‘starving artist’. Some people have tremendous talent and aspire to become proficient with their artistic passions, but may not be able to fully explore the possibilities because they cannot afford to get that guitar or drum set or saxophone. Once again, Metro Pawn & Gun might be the best solution to get those creative juices flowing. If you’re just starting out, don’t let that hefty price tag on a brand new instrument deter you. When you see what we have to offer, those dreams might be closer to being realized than you think.

"Where words fail, music speaks..."  

~ Hans Christian Andersen 

And then we have those who have found their niche – whether they are starting a band, part of one already or out performing for sold-out crowds. Guitars happen to be a customer favorite here. Whether acoustic or electric, our selection varies by the day, but one thing is certain – people LOVE guitars! If electric is your style, we typically also have some amazing amplifiers available, as well as various accessories you may need.

Metro Pawn & Gun encourages you to visit us and get your jam on! Need to go back to the good ol’ days of your first garage band? Ready to begin a new chapter of making music? Need that shiny new trumpet for senior marching band? We have you covered on every need. Some of our staff have in-depth experience with music, and can help you make ‘sound’ choices when it comes to instruments! All of our instruments are checked for proper functionality, and we offer fair prices whether you want to sell or need to buy. And if you need a quick cash loan, we will take care of the pawn process from start to finish for you as well.

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