Radio broadcasting began in 1920s, and became an instant sensation. People could listen to voice and music transmitted over the air – the stuff of science fiction at that time! Vacuum tube radio receivers were popping up in people’s homes everywhere, and it would not be uncommon for friends, family and neighbors to gather at the home of a person who had one of these amazing new listening machines to revel in this amazing technology. Soon enough, this innovation became mobile, and in the 1930s, we had the first car radios.


Fast forward to 2016 – satellite radio, GPS navigation, high definition movies and theater-grade sound systems are common in many vehicles. This evolution of automotive entertainment hasn’t taken a day off since the 1920s, and we are certain that this trend will continue well into the future.


Nearly all modern vehicles are equipped with some type of audio system from the factory. These ‘stock’ or ‘OEM’ systems typically consist of a ‘head unit’ located in the dash and several speakers in various locations. This serves as a starting point for enhanced feature options from the vehicle dealer or aftermarket expansion limited only by your budget and your dedication to automotive entertainment. Such systems can be rather basic consisting of an upgrade to the head unit or speakers, or they can be extensive with a compete host of amplifiers, sound processors and subwoofers.


As the complexity and performance capacity of this technology marches on, Metro Pawn & Gun  keeps pace with a full range of car electronics, including GPS navigation, CD and DVD players, power amps, signal processors, speakers, subwoofers and enclosures. Whether you need to upgrade from an OEM system or an older aftermarket stereo, we will save you money while offering some of the most awesome car audio equipment on the market. When upgrading, remember that you can get cash for the equipment you are replacing, thus offsetting the cost of your new gear.


Our commitment to our clients allows us to provide a shopping experience that is hard to beat. Great products, great prices and a knowledgeable staff come together to bring the ‘awesome’ into your daily commute. With a huge selection of source, control and speaker components for any automotive audio or video system, we have what you need. Buying, pawning or selling couldn’t be easier, and our prices and offers are fair and attractive. 

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