Minnesota winters can be unpredictable, to say the least. They might creep up on us slowly, or they might start with a blizzard. There may be short-lived periods of temperate weather, only to be followed on by a stretch of sub-zero conditions. One thing is certain, the Twin Cities and surrounding areas are no stranger to snow and ice. If you are not prepared however, winter can be quite a bit tougher to get through.

 One of the most formidable tools in the arsenal that is often brought to bear against winter is the snow blower. Whether faced with a few inches of snow or an ice-age, they churn through it without complaint. Available in many sizes and power ratings, they make the chore of clearing your driveway and sidewalks much more manageable than doing so with a hand shovel.

 Many different snow blowers come into our shop for a variety of reasons. Some people decide to upgrade to a newer or larger model while others may downgrade as they have moved to a townhome or condo that includes snow removal services. We even run into folks that no longer have need for a one because they have moved to a climate devoid of snow. But if you’re stuck in Minnesota, don’t also be stuck in your driveway – invest in a snow blower, not in pain relief medicines for your back!

 In addition to saving your back, you can also save money at Metro Pawn & Gun. Don’t let sticker shock at your local outdoor supply store dissuade you from getting the one thing that is essential for Minnesota winters; our prices are the best in the area and our merchandise is inspected and tested to verify functionality. Whether you are looking to get something for yourself or a family member, something to clear a small path or to clear a parking lot – we will likely have something that will meet the need.

 Conversely, if you are upgrading, downgrading or moving to a place where the only snow you see is on television, we are interested in your snow blower. Save yourself the hassle of trying to sell it with a “For Sale” sign parked on the front lawn. Bring it in to Metro Pawn & Gun and we will make a fair offer, then use the cash for whatever you need or want!

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