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Video Game

What’s new in Personal Electronics?

Personal Electronics is a category that has always been very popular at Metro Pawn & Gun. We remember the days of the CD Walkman in the late 90s, and the iPod which took the portable electronics world by storm 17 years ago.

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Why Buy your Electronics at a Pawn Shop?

The world of consumer entertainment technology is an ever-changing and rapidly advancing field. No sooner than you buy your newest smartphone is there a better version of it available. You just finish setting up your cutting-edge home theater system, only to see the ‘updated’ version being advertised. That Blu Ray player that has barely a few movies played through it has now evolved to feature streaming capabilities. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with all of the ‘latest and greatest’ marketing, but some people seem to be on top of the trend at all times.

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Upgrading your Electronics

In the world of consumer electronics, you barely have time to figure out how your new gadget works before a new model of it becomes available. Technology never stops moving forward, and the market’s appetite for progress is equally insatiable. If you are one of those people who eagerly awaits the release of the next iPhone shortly after purchasing the one you now have, then your checkbook will never suffer from an overabundance of cash. Tech companies love their customers, and will have no lack of new features to enchant them with – tomorrow, next month, next year or the year after…

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Post-holiday Video Game System Wonderland

With the Christmas rush behind us, Metro Pawn & Gun is teaming with fantastic deals. Video game consoles are a very popular gift during the holiday season. It seems as though one can barely keep up with the newest iteration of the Xbox or Playstation systems, and even variations within each product line. That original, black Xbox One seems dull when compared to the limited edition Halo 5: Guardians bundle. From the metallic blue accents and military insignias to the custom sound effects, this is dedicated to Halo fans, featuring content otherwise unavailable along with a custom controller and various other extras. But for those of us that may not be die-hard Halo aficionados, a stock Xbox One that came into our shop the day after Christmas may do just fine – especially considering the savings that are sure to be realized.

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