Home electronics have come a long way since the days of the cassette player connected to an analog stereo amplifier and a pair of speakers. Today’s home electronics are a fusion of computer technology, Wi-Fi, streaming media and multi-channel, multi-room digital applications of every sort imaginable. Surely you would need to purchase such items at a specialty audio/video establishment, right?  Well, you can, if you want to pay top-shelf prices!

At Metro Pawn & Gun, we offer every manner of home electronics. From the vintage stereo tube amplifier to the app-enabled, multi-room receiver, we see a great variety of amazing audio equipment come through our shop on a regular basis, so the choices available to our clients are as diverse as they are cost effective.  More often than not, people decide to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology, and their used equipment finds its way to our shop. Whenever you make a significant consumer electronics purchase, it seems inevitable that there will be a ‘better’ and more ‘capable’ model available before the one you just installed is even broken in.  At Metro Pawn & Gun, we feel that a good audio or theater system should provide an immersive experience without the need for a bank loan. So if you wish to enjoy the finest home audio at far better prices than it was the day it hit the market, we are the place you need to visit.

A quality home entertainment system should emulate listening to live music or attending a large-format movie theater – all in the privacy of your own home. This can be as simple as a high quality stereo receiver and a pair of suitable speakers, or as elaborate as a custom designed system employing several multi-channel amplifiers, processors, and a number of specialized loudspeakers. You could spend a few hundred or a few thousand dollars – all depending on the level of performance you expect.

How can we help?

So save yourself from the trip to the ‘big-box’ stores along with the anguish of having to listen to ‘experts’ read the feature-list off the product tags for you.  Save yourself from the trip to the ‘audio/video salon’ and the hundred reasons why you NEED to buy the most expensive gear in the store, lest your system be somehow inadequate. But DO save yourself from spending too much money by stopping into Metro Pawn & Gun! There is no high-pressure sales pitch here, and we figure you can read the features off the sign yourself. But we DO know our audio and video equipment, so tell us what you want your equipment to do, as well as your desired budget, and we will provide the best fit for that need from our extensive inventory of quality components. 

We will share the knowledge required for you to make the right equipment choices, and make your investment in home audio entertainment a satisfying one. We pride ourselves in providing an experience that is second to none, and back it up with our expertise and dedication to customer service.

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