Metro Pawn & Gun deals with a wide variety of collectible coins and other rare currencies. Coins may be made of precious metals or more common materials. Their values are based on their scarcity, composition and condition.

Coins from around the world and throughout the ages are not only valuable, but each one carries along its own narrative from a part of history. Can you imagine where a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar may have been? Or a 1943 steel cent, perhaps carried in the pocket of a soldier on the beaches or Normandy during the D-Day landing. We stock gold and silver coins, WWII nickels and pennies, and innumerable other treasures from around the world. We are always on the lookout for rare coins you may want to sell or pawn.

When people shop for various numismatic treasures, the most common destination is a Coin Shop. It seems the logical place to visit, much like going to a car dealership when looking for a new vehicle. But the next time stopping by a Coin Shop happens to be on your schedule, check out Metro Pawn & Gun and have a look around. Coin collectors come in all shapes and sizes – from the aspiring child getting into his first real coin collection that all started with that silver dime he found in his piggy bank, to the seasoned professional who examines his specimens under a loupe. 

Why Metro Pawn & Gun?

You will be amazed by our vast selection of merchandise, and impressed by the grading skills of our knowledgeable staff.  The primary purpose of grading a coin is to determine what the coin's market value is based on how and when the coin was originally struck, how scare the coin is, and what condition the coin is in currently. These variables could make a coin worth thousands of dollars or very little.

And finally, there is a great opportunity cost considering our prices as compared to full retail. It is an easy way to grow your existing coin collection or start one if you haven’t done so yet. Our appraisal of coins received in pawn or by sale takes into account their condition, scarcity, and valuation, thus making your purchase commensurate to what can be found at any specialty coin retailer.

As always, check our site for the most current information regarding our hours of operation and any other information regarding COVID-19 safety protocols.

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