Coin collecting is both a fun hobby and one that can be quite lucrative if you know what you’re doing. For some collectors, this is a very serious pursuit, while for others it may just be an enjoyable pastime. It often starts with children collecting various interesting or unusual coins, and may persist into adulthood with impressive and equally valuable portfolios. Whatever the case, coin collections can be worth a fair amount of money. If you are interested in pawning or selling your coins, or if you are looking for rare coins to add to your collection, Metro Pawn & Gun is the perfect place to visit.

Collectors are always looking to upgrade their inventory, and those who may not be as interested in the hobby might be looking to liquidate what they have. This works well for both sides of the spectrum, as you can get the cash you want or the coins you need.

Here are some things to know no matter what reason you have for 
buying or selling coins.

Do your research.
If you want to sell your coins, knowing what they might be worth and their particular story will help determine what you should agree to sell them for. If you are in the market to buy coins, having this knowledge will also guide you in making a sound purchase.

Never clean your coins.
While restoring something to pristine condition may at times be desirable, this is not the case with coins. The original condition of a coin is an essential attribute in determining its price. In fact, cleaning coins may not only reduce their worth, it may damage them, resulting in a complete loss of value.

Professional grading can be helpful.
If you want to pawn or sell your coins, and you think you may have some that very rare or desirable, you might want to consider having them professionally graded. Having that expert certification ensures that you do not inadvertently accept an offer that is far below what the coin is actually worth. It also helps the pawnbroker determine whether they are willing to make an offer, and what that offer will be.

Metro Pawn & Gun offers cash for your coins in either pawn or outright purchase. We also have a wonderful selection of coins of every imaginable type if you are looking to buy. Either way, we should be your first stop if you have an interest in coins.

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