Collecting of coins or other forms of minted legal tender has been a popular hobby for probably as long as coins have been around. Of particular interest to most collectors are coins that have been circulated for only a brief time thus making them more scarce, coins with mint errors or other irregularities, exceptionally beautiful coins, or coins with certain historical significance.

Often, the hobby begins in a casual manner with coins found by chance – a leftover coin from a trip abroad, or a strange coin mixed in with your pocket change. The enthusiasm of some novice collectors will either grow over time or fizzle in favor of other pursuits. For those that continue, their collections will often grow in both scope and diversity. They will evolve from a general, broad interest to a more specialized focus such as certain countries or particular historic periods. There are also collectors who dabble primarily in coins minted from precious metals such as silver, gold or platinum. For others, proof coinage is their happy place. These are specimens struck from polished dies, packaged with particular attention to the preservation of their mint state, and sold as such to collectors.

Whatever the flavor, any collection beyond a smattering or random coins sitting in a forgotten jar on a shelf is likely to have some value. The hunt for rare coins can take many forms, although you are not likely to come across any U.S. Liberty gold coins in your change from a trip to the grocery store. Many of the most desirable coins have long been out of general circulation, so finding them takes a bit of skill and perseverance. Trade shows, coin clubs, flea markets and
pawn shops are all great venues for finding coins to add to your collection. Of course there are also coin shops, but you may end up paying a premium as they are in the business of making money.

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