If you are thinking about selling your old laptop or tablet or if you need to secure a cash loan quickly, Metro Pawn & Gun is the place to go. Depending on the type of computer you have, we can use it as collateral for the loan you need or you can simply sell it outright and walk away with some cash. We have a few recommendations for improving the overall desirability of your product:

1.  Thoroughly clean your Laptop or Tablet
Bringing in a dirty laptop or tablet computer will diminish the perceived value of the item. If something appears to be neglected, the natural and obvious assumption is that it has not been taken care of. This could imply potential problems with its operation, and would require our labor to cosmetically rejuvenate it to an acceptable level. Cleaning your device is a quick and simple process. Use a dry cloth to wipe away dust and other debris, wipe your screen down with any of the many ‘screen cleaning’ sprays designed for that task, and use a multi-purpose canned duster to blow out any dirt from external ports or the keyboard if applicable.

2.  Backup and remove all personal data
Removing your photos, videos, documents, passwords and usernames is essential for your own security. Depending on whether you are selling your device or just pawning it for a while, there are several ways to do this. First, back up all of your data to a portable hard drive for transfer to another computer. If you intend to retrieve your computer from pawn at a later date, you can reinstall your data back onto the machine at that time. If you are selling it, you can then perform a ‘factory reset’ that will wipe all of the files off your device. You wouldn’t want the next customer to be browsing through your family photos or personal correspondence.

3.  Know about your device
Knowing the specifications of your laptop or tablet will help you negotiate the best cash price. Although some information is obvious, such as brand or screen size, other details require some research to procure. These would include the processor type (Intel, AMD etc), the processor speed (2.7 GHz, 3.0 GHz etc), the hard drive size (500GB, 1TB etc) and the amount of RAM memory (4GB, 8GB etc). The better the specs, the better the price…

We also carry an array of quality used laptops and tablets if you are looking to upgrade to a more powerful machine or just need to buy one. As you can see by the care we take to ensure that any product we accept meets our high standards, we are confident that you will find something that will satisfy your needs.

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