Some things in the ‘general market of everything’ hold greater value and appeal than others. Technologies change, fads come and go, and styles evolve to reflect the consumers they target. There are also certain ‘fixed points’ in these markets – goods that are equally desirable, if not more so, at any given time.

The age of the VCR has come and gone, thankfully. The Pet Rock might represent a curiosity, if that, of what people actually purchased once upon a time. But your gold ring, coin collection or pure silver bullion bars are definitely not going out of style any time soon!

What a pawn shop will pay for something will vary from shop to shop, and depend on how desirable an item is and how much the pawn broker feels he can sell it for. So let’s take a look at some of the most popular things we see comes through our doors at Metro Pawn & Gun.

Firearms: Hunting, recreational shooting and self defense applications keep firearms of all sorts in high demand. Weapons that are in excellent, functional condition hold their value well and unique or antique firearms appeal to collectors of all types. Firearms are generally expensive, and this puts them at the top of our list – whether you are looking to pawn, sell or buy.  You can get a good deal of cash, or save a good deal of cash – either way, everyone wins!

Jewelry:  Gems, diamonds and precious metals make jewelry an asset that is always in demand. Many factors go into determining value such as karat, weight and condition, but this category ranks consistently near the top of the ‘HOT’ list.

Gold and silver bullion: Not many things today maintain their value as well as precious metals. Appreciating over time, precious metals serve as the basis of long-term investment and many different financial portfolios.

Gold and silver coins: When you consider the intrinsic value of gold, silver and platinum, then add a numismatic element to the equation, things can change rather dramatically. Depending on the type, scarcity and condition, many coins can fetch much more than just the value of the metal itself.

Tools: Power tools and complete tool sets generally do very well. An individual ratchet may not be worth much by itself, but a complete mechanics tool set might make your wallet a bit thicker.

So leave the Pet Rock at home, but visit us to sell, pawn or purchase the many incredible products we offer every day!

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