Pawn Shops are treasure troves for gold, silver, coins and collectibles. If you’re searching the Minneapolis, Twin Cities or St. Paul area for awesome items, you might be in luck. While pawn shops are often home to scrap, guns and lesser-valued items, they’re awesome locations for rarities, oddities, and wonders. These items have either high monetary or novelty value.


Luxury Watches

Surprisingly, you can find antique watches in pawn shops. Look for brand names like Patek, Rolex, Breitling, Philippe, Piaget, and Cartier. Any watch in working order, in good condition and of a solid brand can fetch a lot of cash. You can, however, discover them in your local pawn shop.



That’s right: diamonds. Whether seated in bracelets, rings or necklaces, diamonds sometimes find their way into pawn shops. You’ll need to have your diamond pick-up appraised for cut, clarity, color and karat, but you may find an incredibly valuable gem at your local shop.


Power Tools

Power tools are incredibly valuable. Unfortunately, few owners know their worth. A lot of pawn shops have power tools, so don’t forget to look for them. Even professional-grade, brand-name tools are available.


Designer Handbags and Shoes

Check your local pawn shop for luxury-brand shoes and handbags. You might be in luck, scoring a high-quality selection with little effort. If you’re not sure about the item’s quality, snap a picture. Go home, and check the item online. If you can determine its authenticity, purchase it.


Personal Electronics

A lot of households have between $400 and $800 worth of unused laptops and electronics, states Michele Perry, consumer electronics tech expert for These items frequently wind up in pawn shops, waiting to be bought. Mechanical keyboards, quality computer parts, and awesome desktops await, and you can clean them up with little effort.



Books are surprisingly expensive. They’re also given away often. Even if you don’t read, you can still resell high-value books online. Go into your local pawn shop, and check for hardcover books. Often, modern hardcover books sell for between $40 and $70. People pay for knowledge, and they’ll purchase a used book if it’s clean.


When browsing Metro Pawn & Gun, ask the attendants about new arrivals. Sometimes, daily additions aren’t rolled out immediately. If you follow a schedule, stay consistent with your check-ups and have a good eye for value, you can score some awesome treasure.

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