With the holiday season upon us, giving (and receiving) gifts is part of the cheer during this time of the year. No matter the winter blues, the inconvenient blizzards and the frosty car windows – a cup of steaming hot chocolate and classic holiday movies with the family makes everything right.

But along with the hustle and bustle of the holidays come crowded malls, long waits in the checkout lines, last-minute online ordering and the discovery that your item of choice is ‘out of stock’. Although there are definitely certain advantages to shopping online, there are also drawbacks. You finally get the gift you ordered in the nick of time and find out it was damaged in shipping – that certainly dampens the mood…

For those who have discovered the treasury of unique merchandise at Metro Pawn & Gun, we understand why you will definitely visit us during your holiday gift-giving endeavors. New things, used things, rare things, cool things – sounds like a Dr. Seuss rhyme but it’s true – we have so many things that would make great gifts for yourself or anyone on your list!

Have the need for a ring? We have just the thing. If its coins they collect, we have tons to inspect. Need a gun in your life? Buy two – one for you, and the wife. A new TV do you need? You’ll find one, guaranteed. At Metro Pawn there is plenty of cheer to be had – unless you’ve been bad…

Aside from our feeble attempt at poetry, we can truly make Christmas shopping fun for everyone. Many people may not have a pawn shop high on their list of shopping destinations for the holiday season, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll move it up on the list for sure. Also, unlike a typical store that carries a rather fixed inventory of goods, every day something new walks through our door. Save money, discover things you may not even have been looking for, and put a real “surprise” into your Christmas season gift-giving. Not to mention, you’ll make your money stretch farther by not having to pay top-dollar retail pricing for many of the things you might get.

Everything in our store has been meticulously checked for quality and functionality. We accept and sell only merchandise that meets our standards, so you won’t run into the Christmas morning disappointment of having something not work right out of the box. From the team at Metro Pawn & Gun – Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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