Metro Pawn & Gun is a very popular destination for a great many things. If you are looking to sell something that has fallen into disuse, need a short-term loan on something you still intend to keep, or want to go shopping through a diverse store where the inventory is always different and interesting – we are that place.

Our vast selection of firearms definitely addresses the “hunting” needs of individuals who do so - handguns, rifles, shotguns, new and old, and accessories to boot. But it doesn’t stop there. We often have a fine assortment of bows on hand as well as fishing equipment of every sort.

There are many reasons why people want to get into new hunting or fishing equipment. For instance, youth models of firearms or bows are eventually outgrown in favor of full-sized versions. Beginners in shooting sports or archery, whether children or adults, will decide to move into more advanced equipment as they get better or decide to pursue the sport with greater dedication. So now, the aspiring new archer can get into a nice outfit through a gently used bow that served the same purpose for the previous owner. This model works out great for both the seller and the buyer, as each party ends up happy either selling or buying what they want.

Much the same holds true for fishing gear. No one becomes an expert fisherman overnight. It takes time and experimentation to find that “niche” of equipment combined with skill to attain any respectable level of proficiency. Perhaps you might find that a certain style of rod does not work the way you would prefer. Or maybe you have found the perfect type, and now just want to upgrade to a higher-end model. Whatever the case, we are certain that something with ‘catch’ your attention!

Metro Pawn & Gun is your hunting and fishing HQ!

Metro Pawn & Gun has thousands of satisfied customers because we are honest, hard-working people that enjoy many of the things that we pawn, buy and sell. From hobbies to passions, when you like what you do, you do it well. So we invite those of you with hobbies and passions to visit us, indulge in the cool and exciting things we offer, and save money (or get money) in the process!

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