Despite the fact that Metro Pawn & Gun has an immense and equally diverse selection of firearms and one that changes regularly due to the nature of our business, there may be something very specific that you are looking for, but cannot find in our store. No problem – we understand the needs of our clients and have a solution.


We enjoy a mutually awesome relationship with Davidson's Incorporated, one of the largest and most progressive firearms wholesalers in America. Browse through their massive catalog of firearms at, find that gem you have been looking for, and then have the friendly staff at Davidson's take your order and ship the item to us.  Upon receipt of your merchandise, we will contact you, process the required legal paperwork to purchase a weapon in Minnesota, and add another satisfied client to our distinguished customer service reputation.



Davidson's stocks a vast inventory of firearms, possesses over 50 years of firearms industry experience, and offers great pricing that is hard to beat. Their consumer website was launched in 1998 to give people a convenient way to shop for and purchase firearms from the convenience of their homes. We invite you to examine what we have to offer, as our inventories change almost daily, but if we happen to not have what you want, Davidson’s huge selection from the firearm industry’s top manufacturers will almost certainly fill the need. Their site is packed with information to help make an educated buying decision as well.

Between Metro Pawn & Gun and Davidson’s, we can accommodate your shooting sports in any capacity. Whether you are a hunter, law enforcement officer, firearm hobbyist, collector, or a citizen who wishes to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, there is something for everyone. From tactical carbines to fine shotguns, from concealed carry handguns to youth rifles – we can help determine which firearm is best for your intended use, and guide you in the acquisition from start to finish. We also stock ammunition, as that is a somewhat necessary component to firearm ownership.  Supplies vary, but all of the most popular calibers are often readily available. Come see us for a thoroughly enjoyable firearms shopping experience, or if you are interested in pawning or selling something you already own! Our service and knowledge are second to none – in fact, they are our first priority!


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