Used instruments provide a viable alternative to new instruments, can be of virtually the same quality and will save you money in the long run.  Metro Pawn & Gun usually has a wide selection of instruments on hand, and our inventories change almost daily.  We carry many school band instruments such as trumpets, saxophones, flutes, clarinets and more.  Our clients span from the parents of school age children to aspiring adult artists, so we also offer many recreational and professional instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, drums, and electronic components to name a  few.

When your child decides he or she wants to participate in their school band, they may not necessarily know whether it is something they will truly enjoy or a passing interest that may perhaps change, or even possibly fade away in the future.  Why pay top dollar for that brand new trumpet when you can get one that works just as well, and looks just as good, for a lot less?  Used musical instruments are a great substitute for buying new ones because of the value they offer, especially as children discover the joys of music and develop their musical talents.

When children learn to play an instrument, some may fall in love with their first choice while others might move on to try out different instruments. As they develop comes the increased physical strength required to play certain instruments such as brass, woodwinds, or larger string instruments. For instance, a child with small hands might have difficulty with a trombone, and conversely, a child with larger hands or lower fine motor skills might have trouble with an instrument such as the piccolo. As children find their ‘niche’ in the musical world, parents will often find themselves looking to purchase a different or more fitting instrument, and that is where Metro Pawn & Gun can help.  Whether you are looking to sell that barely used saxophone, or looking to switch to the flute that your daughter has now decided to play, we have what you need and can help in either scenario.

We invite you to shop for all of your musical instrument needs at Metro Pawn & Gun with complete confidence.  We offer only the highest quality merchandise, and inspect incoming products thoroughly to ensure that our high standards are always met or exceeded.  So tune in to great deals – come see what we have to offer!

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