It appears as though our hopes of arriving at a time we could refer to as “post-pandemic” were an illusion. Optimism that this potential period would resemble the pre-pandemic world in some capacity now seems rather unlikely. New ‘variants’ seem to be popping up with nearly predictable regularity, vaccination controversy has exploded onto the scene, and compliance with heretofore personal choices is quickly becoming decreed without regard for consent. Commodity shortages, increasing fuel prices, border chaos, economic instability, international crisis, and escalating social discontent are creating a volatile cocktail.

With how interconnected and interdependent our world has become, a disruption of any single element within this delicate balance could have negative ramifications cascade through all aspects of our livelihood. If the toilet paper deficit at the beginning of the pandemic seemed absurd, the current semiconductor shortage has actually affected everything from the automotive industry to big tech to everyday things like your appliances and entertainment devices. Subsequently, the ripple effect travels downstream to all associated support industries. If one tooth in a gear breaks, the entire transmission falters.

As these many variables interact precipitously near the edge of calamity, where should one look to assert some degree of financial certainty in an otherwise foggy environment? The answer is 
precious metals. When turmoil ensues, precious metals appreciate. Diversifying your portfolio with gold, silver or platinum is an easy way to ensure that all of your eggs are not in the same basket. Stocks can come and go; economies can rise and fall. Our every transaction depends wholly on the fragile grid that facilitates how we go about our lives, and it is also increasingly susceptible to compromise. But precious metals are tangible, and withstand all the tests of time.

How can Metro Pawn & Gun help?

At Metro Pawn and Gun, we have a wide selection of precious metals in the form of coins, bullion, jewelry or scrap. You can enhance your financial stability by slowly adding precious metals to your assets. It is not necessary to spend your life savings here – acquiring a gold bar here or some silver coins there, as finances permit, is a solid way of building a healthy fiscal reserve in these troubling times.  

If you wish to buy, sell or pawn precious metals in any form, visit us at Metro Pawn & Gun in Minneapolis. We have a great selection available for purchase, and will make a fair offer if you need cash for what you have.

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