We all know that pawn shops, ours included, deal in many common commodities. There are firearms, coins, jewelry, tools, home electronics, car audio and many other products you would expect to find at a pawn shop. But one of the most interesting things is that our inventory is always in motion, and by the very nature of a business like this, we sometimes come across unique items that do not fit into our general product categorization.

Basically speaking, if something has value, we’re interested! The range of such merchandise is far too broad to cover in its entirety, but here are some examples we’ve seen come through our doors:

  • Vintage tin toys from the 1950s and1960s
  • Collectible GI Joe and Barbie doll figures
  • Classic Star Wars memorabilia
  • Artwork and sculptures from an estate sale
  • Movie props
  • Samurai swords and historic knives
  • Advertising memorabilia and signs
  • Camping gear and tents
  • Civil War artifacts
  • Military collectibles, US and foreign
  • Antique cameras
  • And so much more…

Metro Pawn & Gun is open to considering any desirable items you may want to part with. We make every effort to properly ascertain the value of a given article, and have many resources at our disposal with which to accomplish that. We provide a much easier solution to getting cash for your items as compared to other methods – including online auctions. There is no need to deal with eBay listings, fees, packaging, shipping and potential mishaps during delivery. You walk in with product and you could walk out with cash in your wallet.

This is also what makes shopping with us so enjoyable. You never know what you might find on our shelves! Some people might set out in search of a particular item that is difficult to find, while others may come across something they didn’t even know they needed. Whether you want to have some fun browsing our store, or need cash today, we are the place to visit.

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