Car audio has come a long way since its formative early days. When radio broadcasting began in 1920, vacuum tube radio receivers became available as well, sparking what could be referred to as a "radio craze". Everyone had to have this amazing new technology - many car owners even installed home radio sets in their vehicles as a novelty. This led to the eventual commercial introduction of the purpose-built car radio in the 1930s, and automotive stereo systems have continued to evolve in complexity and performance ever since.  


Modern vehicles nearly always include a complete audio system from the factory, which is commonly referred to as the 'stock' or ‘OEM’ system. Typically consisting of a ‘head unit’ located in the dash and an array of speakers in various locations, there is a wide range of features and performance that can be found in such equipment, ranging from entry level to high-end in terms of sound quality. Also emergent is a market for products engineered to replace, upgrade, or expand the vehicle's stock sound system capabilities.



As with the progression of all technology, what is ‘new and fantastic’ today will become commonplace tomorrow.  Who could have imagined in-dash DVD players with on-screen GSP navigation and sound to rival the most expensive home audio systems even a decade ago?  This is where shopping at Metro Pawn & Gun in Minneapolis starts to make sense.  Whether you need to stay ahead of the curve, or jump on the wagon – we will save you money while providing an opportunity to own some of the most awesome car audio equipment on the market.


Cutting edge car audio technology, combined with our commitment to our clients, allow us to provide a shopping experience second to none.  Our staff is well versed in the automotive stereo arts, the equipment we carry is thoroughly inspected for condition and functionality, and we will help you select gear to specifically meet your needs and expectations.


Metro Pawn & Gun carries a full range of car audio equipment, including DVD and CD players, amplifiers, signal processors, speakers, subwoofers and enclosures. We typically stock various source, control and speaker elements for any automotive audio or video system. If you are updating your vehicles’ stereo system or getting a new one to replace that less-than-spectacular factory system, we have what you need.  Not in the market to buy, but instead wish to sell or pawn any type of car stereo electronics? We can assist you as well. Our offers are fair, our process is quick and easy, and our employees are eager to help!



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