The world of consumer entertainment technology is an ever-changing and rapidly advancing field. No sooner than you buy your newest smartphone is there a better version of it available. You just finish setting up your cutting-edge home theater system, only to see the ‘updated’ version being advertised. That Blu Ray player that has barely a few movies played through it has now evolved to feature streaming capabilities. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with all of the ‘latest and greatest’ marketing, but some people seem to be on top of the trend at all times.

For those of us who do not necessarily need that one new feature or are not willing to pay top dollar to have it, this works out well. Some of the electronics we see come into our shop end up here as a result of this perpetual need to upgrade, providing an opportunity to acquire perfectly viable equipment at a considerable savings. From car stereo to home audio, and personal electronics to computers and video game systems – we offer a tremendous selection of great items. So you can also upgrade your older gear to something that was recently upgraded in order to stay at the top of the food chain.

Why Metro Pawn & Gun?
One of the unique aspects of our business is the range of products you can find here. Whether you need something near top of the line for your home theater, or an older system for the garage – we most likely have both. Perhaps you’re building that outrageous custom car stereo, or just need to throw some basic tunes in the teenager’s first vehicle – our selection will accommodate either scenario. Everything we offer has been tested to ensure functionality and will provide years of operation and entertainment. Unlike a standard store in which the inventory is relatively fixed, ours changes nearly every day. This makes shopping with us more enjoyable, not to mention that you can find some pretty unique products as well.

 And of course Metro Pawn & Gun can help you if you’re on the other side of the spectrum. When you find that component you can’t live without and want some quick cash for the one that has to go to make room for it – stop in and see us! Turn your unneeded or unused electronics into cash at Metro Pawn & Gun, or buy what you need at a great price. We can help whether you need to sell, pawn or buy today!

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