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From the monthly archives: June 2015

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Car Audio – Then And Now – And Here At Metro Pawn & Gun

Car audio has come a long way since its formative early days. When radio broadcasting began in 1920, vacuum tube radio receivers became available as well, sparking what could be referred to as a "radio craze". Everyone had to have this amazing new technology - many car owners even installed home radio sets in their vehicles as a novelty. This led to the eventual commercial introduction of the purpose-built car radio in the 1930s, and automotive stereo systems have continued to evolve in complexity and performance ever since.  

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Silver – An Easy Way To Augment Your Investment Portfolio

For many centuries, silver has been regarded and valued as a precious metal. More abundant than gold and therefore not as costly, silver metal has often functioned as a coinable monetary system.  Beyond currency, silver has numerous applications such as jewelry, ornamentation, tableware, water filtration and as an investment in the form of bullion, to name a few. Silver is used industrially in electrical contacts and semi-conductors as it possesses the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal.  Other applications include mirrors and window coatings, as well as in photographic film and X-rays. Dilute silver nitrate solutions and other silver compounds are used as disinfectants, added to bandages and wound-dressings, and incorporated into various medical instruments.

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