One of the most fascinating things about Metro Pawn & Gun is that selling, pawning and buying are all equally exciting. Do you know of any place under one roof where you can get money for virtually anything of value, and buy from an enormous inventory that is generated when people sell or pawn these items of value? It is a cycle of ‘awesome’ that stays always in motion, day after day.

There would be no effective way to convey the depth and diversity of the merchandise for which we provide loans, purchase outright, or sell in our store. It might almost be easier to define the things we do not accept; let’s see – live animals, food and houses are a few that come to mind...

How It Works

The value of most things these days can be ascertained through a variety of resources. Blue Book and offer a number of pricing almanacs covering computers, audio and video equipment, commercial electronics, video games, cameras, musical instruments, firearms, and more. Numismatic guides of all flavors span the collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects. Antiques have their own aggregate of literature, and collectibles of every genre have encyclopedic libraries concerned with the history, collectability and value of said items. And if the sewing machine you wish to sell is not included in one of these volumes, a simple search on the Internet will procure countless assets that could help determine the items value.

Metro Pawn & Gun provides our clients with a unique experience. Many of our customers stop by the shop regularly to browse through the new and noteworthy items we may have acquired since their last visit. Whether you wish to sell something you own, pawn an item for some quick cash, or shop to your heart’s content, we address all of the above in good measure!


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