Shopping for an engagement ring for that special someone?  Looking to invest in a diamond ring for yourself?  At Metro Pawn and Gun we carry a great selection of used jewelry at fantastic prices.  We have rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more - made of gold, white gold, silver and platinum. With gemstones and precious metals, and variety ranging from modern to Native American jewelry made from silver, turquoise and other precious stones, our selection will delight anyone looking for personal adornment.  Do you own jewelry that has fallen into disuse, or no longer appeals to your sense of fashion?  Sell it to us for a fair price, trade up to something more vogue, or use the money for whatever strikes your fancy.  Precious metals and gems hold their value well, or appreciate dramatically as is the case with gold and silver.  Tap the potential opportunity cost of that old ring that has been buried in your desk and turn it into something you can use today!

 Watches are used mainly for timekeeping, although expensive watches, valued more for their elaborate craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal and glamorous design, can be considered as ‘jewelry’ by some.  We carry everything from gold plated collectible pocket watches to Rolex wrist watches. Our inventory is always in flux, so make sure to swing through the store often and see what we have available. 

 A fascinating aspect of jewelry is that most items are unique.  Unlike the typical home stereo receiver, produced by the tens of thousands and therefore quite commonplace, each piece of jewelry is often singular and distinct in design and composition.  Whether selling or buying, this is one genre of product that never gets boring.

 Buying used jewelry is easy on your budget and can be a great investment.  Some people will purchase it with the intent of customizing it to their liking, while others will treasure it as is. Everything we purchase is thoroughly evaluated on condition and value, thus ensuring that you will be pleased with your purchase.  If you have any jewelry you would like to pawn or sell we would like to see it, so stop in and we can discuss what we are able to offer. Do not pay full jewelry store prices - get what you need at Metro Pawn & Gun, your one stop jewelry store in Minneapolis, MN!

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