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From the monthly archives: February 2020

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Outdoor Gear – Survival Edition

When we think of the great outdoors, we may picture hiking, camping, boating, hunting or other pursuit we are passionate about. We consider ourselves versed in the supplies that are appropriate for whatever activity we enjoy outdoors. But the worst case scenario is not often considered. After all, you’re well prepared for your camping trip – tent, cooler, sleeping bags, food and refreshments, check. What could possibly go wrong?

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Is it time for a new TV?

Of all the new audio video entertainment technologies that have become commonplace in the recent years, none have progressed as far and as quickly as video displays. With the advent of High Definition displays in 1998, the format has evolved and grown more capable ever since. We look back on TVs that could extrapolate twice the resolution of a standard DVD as nearly ancient history. Transitioning from 640x480 lines of resolution to 1280x720 and 1080x1920 seemed amazing in its day, but now screens with 4096 x 2160 (4K) and 7680 × 4320 (8K) resolutions are becoming the standard. Content is never far behind, and in some cases is actually the driving force behind the emergence of these standards.

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