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From the monthly archives: August 2016

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Upgrading your Electronics

In the world of consumer electronics, you barely have time to figure out how your new gadget works before a new model of it becomes available. Technology never stops moving forward, and the market’s appetite for progress is equally insatiable. If you are one of those people who eagerly awaits the release of the next iPhone shortly after purchasing the one you now have, then your checkbook will never suffer from an overabundance of cash. Tech companies love their customers, and will have no lack of new features to enchant them with – tomorrow, next month, next year or the year after…

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How to turn Silver into Cash

Silver has been valued as a precious metal throughout history. Used in many pre-modern monetary systems as currency, it also sports value in jewelry, industrial and commercial applications and medical science, and has always been a staple of investment endeavors. The value of silver fluctuates in relation to economic conditions and market variables, but it has always persevered through good times and bad alike.             

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