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From the monthly archives: November 2015

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What Makes an Item ‘Collectible’?

A collectible is an object suitable for a collection, such as a work of fine art, an antique or a rare item, but also includes a wide variety of items collected as a hobby, for display or as an investment whose value may appreciate. Vintage toys, antique firearms, old books, unique historical memorabilia and coins all make the cut, but are just a sliver of what can be considered collectible by those who collect.

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Loans Made on Most Anything of Value

One of the most fascinating things about Metro Pawn & Gun is that selling, pawning and buying are all equally exciting. Do you know of any place under one roof where you can get money for virtually anything of value, and buy from an enormous inventory that is generated when people sell or pawn these items of value? It is a cycle of ‘awesome’ that stays always in motion, day after day.

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