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Pawn is as old as Saint Nicholas, who was known as the Patron Saint of Pawnbrokers. Nobody really knows how old it truly is, but the concept is simple: something of value is held in exchange for something else of value.

In modern times, Pawn is highly regulated. Pawn brokers take in merchandise of all sorts, everything from DVD movies to fine furs. In exchange, the Pawn broker agrees to hold the item for a fixed period of time and sell it back to the person who pawned it for a fixed price. If they fail to buy the item back in the agreed time, the item is available for sale to the general public. So, what do we take in as pawn? The market is what sets the demands and standards. Sometimes we're looking for musical instruments, sometimes not so much. We're always looking for top-quality jewelry, tools and electronics.

And, here's something you need to know:
We are ethical, scrupulous business people who obey the law. We don't take stolen merchandise, and if it's at all questionable we'll contact the authorities. We don't break the law. Ever.

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