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About Us

It's simple: when you need a loan, jewelry, guns, a handgun, electronics, a tool, a place to shop in Richfield, a place to shop in Minnesota, a pawnbroker you can trust, something close to Minneapolis, a Twin Cities place to find a bargain, you've found it in Metro Pawn and Gun. We carry a wide variety of guns, especially handguns from a number of quality manufacturers. We loan on pawn, and as a licensed pawnbroker in Richfield, we know Minnesota values. Our location just outside Minneapolis is convenient from anywhere in the Twin Cities, and when you come to our store to look at jewelry, you might find the electronics or a tool that you've been searching for but never thought of a pawn shop as a place to find it.

So, remember us for all your pawn needs in Minnesota. Located in Richfield, we're close to Minneapolis, easily reached from anywhere in the Twin Cities. Our pawnbroker status allows us to do loans on pawn, buy and sell jewelry, guns, a handgun you no longer need, electronics that are surplus in your life, or other items you no longer need but someone else wants. So, come visit us! We're the place to go when you have no credit but you have an item of value to use to obtain a loan via Pawn. Whether it's a pistol you've had locked in the safe and no longer want, or hunting equipment you just don't use anymore, we're the pawnbroker to bring it to for the best price around. A pawnshop isn't just a pawnshop, it's an opportunity to save some money, or get some money from things you no longer need.

Round up that unused handgun, grab the electric guitar you never learned to play, and remember to bring that necklace you never wear and head over to Metro Pawn, where reliable Pawn Broker is a title we're proud of. And, looking from the other direction, if you would like to buy a quality pistol (and that's the only kind of pistol we carry!) at a pawn broker, or check out a different approach to jewelry, a pawn broker may be the place you want to go! Pawnshop style has changed and we're at the cutting edge.

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